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Fall Socialization Group Enrollment is Closed.

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 July 1, 2015!

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Clinicians at the Friendship Network are sensitive to the challenges that individuals on the Autism Spectrum and with other social learning challenges face in daily life. Children, teens and young adults are provided with high quality counseling to address their concerns and improve daily functioning and happiness. To learn more about counseling at the Friendship Network click here.
The Friendship Network’s Social Accessibility Therapy group sessions are offered four times a year for children, teens and young adults. Groups are geared towards increasing social independence and improving social skills while also encouraging a positive sense of self. What makes the Friendship Network so unique is the group leader’s training in the Connection Formula and ability to maintain a socially accessible environment. Group members are provided the rare opportunity to increase social confidence, experience genuine acceptance, develop true friendship and expand important relational skills. Click here to learn more about our current group offering.

Increasing Autism acceptance and understanding is the goal of the Friendship Network’s Student-to-Student Autism Connection. This volunteer advocacy group was established in 2008 and has grown increasingly stronger. Students with and without Autism gather weekly to create on going presentations that they present at local schools, colleges, workshops and more! Click here to meet the members.