It is with great sadness that we must inform you:

Due to uncontrollable circumstances

The Friendship Network must close it's doors at this time. 

Thank you to everyone in the community for their support through the years.

"Increasing autism quality of life: experts at maximizing social, emotional, and vocational independence."

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The Intake Process

When a child first comes to the Friendship Network for Children, we begin a unique creative endeavor to discover what will bring more happiness into their life. First and foremost, we look for ways to help your child feel safe, comfortable and understood. Our intake process is designed to assure that our services will be helpful to your child. For therapeutic socialization groups we pay careful attention to group composition so that all members of the group may benefit. 

If you have looked over our web site and believe the Friendship Network might be a good match for your child, here's how to take the next steps.

1. Call Nancy Swanberg, MS, LMHC at 508.393.0030. Nancy will provide a brief overview of our services so you can decide if our approach might be helpful to your child.

2. A telephone interview is scheduled and then completed with one of our clinicians. The purpose of the interview is to determine if our services might be right for your child. If you and the clinician decide it's a "go" then we proceed to the next step.

3. Intake forms are emailed to you and returned prior to an in-person intake meeting.

4. Finally, we schedule an intake appointment to meet with you and your child at the Friendship Network. (If the intake session is for individual counseling, then we may meet with parents only first.)

​After the appointment, we call to follow-up with recommendations regarding which group or services are most appropriate for your child. We also want to hear how things went from your point of view (and you child's).

Getting Started