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Spring Group Enrollment

is open until 2/17/17.
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Registration for social development groups is on a first-come, first-served basis. State agencies may reimburse the cost of these groups. There is a waiting list for some of our groups. If interested, please call Nancy Swanberg, MS, LMHC at 508-393-0030 to begin the intake process! ​ At The Friendship Network we know socializing is more complicated than it appears as every interaction is a social interaction; not just interacting with peers. Decision making, problem solving, self-advocacy, emotional regulation, and conceptual understanding are all part of the mix. The Connection Formula® approach takes into consideration all of these aspects and is used in all groups. 

​All new clients contact Nancy Swanberg at 508-393-0030. Returning clients are welcome to a complimentary "mini" intake to become re-acquainted.

Group Details

​We want children and teens to experience the joys of friendship!


Social Development Groups using The Connection Formula® 
For children on The Autism Spectrum, Social Communication disorder, and Non-verbal Learning Disorder.

1.  A free socialization assessment is offered by telephone to all first time callers. Call 508-393-0030 to get started!

2. Insurance is not accepted however funding options and reimbursement may be available from state agencies.

3. Groups are available for children ages 5-25.

​4. All groups are run by mental health professionals who have had training in the Connection Formula
© and Social Development..

5.  Children are grouped by social functioning level, age and interests.

6. A socialization group is not the only way to address socialization.