It is with great sadness that we must inform you:

Due to uncontrollable circumstances

The Friendship Network must close it's doors at this time. 

Thank you to everyone in the community for their support through the years.

"Increasing autism quality of life: experts at maximizing social, emotional, and vocational independence."

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Insurance is not accepted. Upon request a "universal" receipt will be provided.  Some insurance companies accept these receipts for reimbursement. Please contact your insurance company for details. 

The Friendship Network offers counseling for parents who have children on the Autism Spectrum.  It takes an enormous amount of time, dedication, and energy being a parent.  The resources needed to parent a child or children with ASD may leave parents needing additional support. Clinicians at The Friendship Network provide a safe place for parents to explore the journey they are on with unconditional positive regard. Through the process of addressing and supporting the parent's emotional journey an increased understanding, acceptance and connection with their children can also be achieved.

Counseling for Parents with Children on the Autism Spectrum

Individual Counseling for Ages 5-25

The Connection Formula® is the cornerstone of our approach. Clinicians at the Friendship Network are trained to assess an individual’s social and emotional missing concepts and help bring awareness around these concerns as a way to increase future social success. We place a high value on an individual’s current skill set and strengths in order to meet them where they are ready to start. The Friendship Network works with individuals across the autism spectrum and understands that each person is different thus tailors the specific therapeutic strategies accordingly.

Combined with the Connection Formula®  clinicians use the following therapeutic approaches; developmental, cognitive behavioral, expressive therapies (art, music, dance, writing), psycho-dynamic, family systems, psycho-educational and play therapy. We help families find a mutual frame of reference and allow the child on the spectrum to move forward towards social independence while maintaining a high self-esteem and self worth. We are here to help your family in times of need.

Please contact us for more information.