It is with great sadness that we must inform you:

Due to uncontrollable circumstances

The Friendship Network must close it's doors at this time. 

Thank you to everyone in the community for their support through the years.

"Increasing autism quality of life: experts at maximizing social, emotional, and vocational independence."

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Our Services

Social Development Groups using The Connection Formula®
Group sessions are offered four times a year and are geared towards increasing social independence and improving social skills while also encouraging a positive sense of self. Group members are placed in groups based on social ability and development. Group leaders provide socially accessible environments which increase social confidence, genuine acceptance, opportunities for true friendship and critical relational skills.

Individual counseling using The Connection Formula®
Clinicians at the Friendship Network are sensitive to the challenges that individuals on the Autism Spectrum and with other social learning challenges face in daily life. With a focus on an individual’s strengths, children, teens and young adults are provided with high quality counseling to address their concerns aimed at improving daily functioning and increasing overall happiness.

Consultations and Workshops 
In an effort to provide additional support to help parents, professionals and children with Autism the Friendship Network offers a variety of workshops and consultations throughout the year. Focus areas for parents and schools include; Autism-izing your thinking, Connecting before Correcting, Understanding the Connection Formula, Practical Strategies for Improving Social Independence. More direct support is also offered through one on one consultations to address an individual’s specific concerns. Clinicians help parents and families understand the Connection Formula® and help them apply it so their children feel safe and understood.